Model Builder Address Square Feet #Br #Ba Stories Price

140x210Aria - 17501 W Redwood lane.jpg

Aria - SOLDAV Homes (55 and Better)17131 S. 174th Dr.1419221.0$189,705

Serenade A New

Serenade - SOLDAV Homes (55 and Better)17530 W. Cedarwood Ln.1766221.0$226,474
Cadence - SOLD AV Homes (55 and Better)17723 W. Cottonwood Ln.1898221.0$269,868

Vivace 210x140

VivaceAV Homes (55 and Better)17722 W. Redwood Ln.2322221.0$297,987

JCH Fiano Rendering B

FianoAV Homes17869 W. Desert Trumpet Rd.1820321.0$273,082

De Sosa B

The Enclave/De Sosa T.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes18232 W Sequoia Dr.2239321.0$343,685

Tempo C

TempoAV Homes (55 and Better)17577 W. Fairview St.1700221.0$230,655
TempoAV Homes (55 and Better)17551 W. Fairview St.1700221.0$231,603

Tempo A

TempoAV Homes (55 and Better)1700221.0$244,801

AV Zinfandel B thumbnail

ZinfandelAV Homes17836 W. Chuckwalla Canyon Rd.212932.51.0$285,605

JosephCarl Zinfandel 210x140

ZinfandelAV Homes17875 W. Desert Trumpet Rd.212932.51.0$286,239

Jacobs SM - B

Jacobs William Ryan Homes18386 W. Wind Drift Drive233032.51.0$323,199

Crenshaw SP thumbnail

CrenshawWilliam Ryan Homes11912 S. 183rd Drive203232.51.0$284,882

Stewart RM - C

StewartWilliam Ryan Homes11914 S. 184th Ave290932.52.0$382,743

Havasu B

The Enclave/Havasu T.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes18260 W. Sequoia Dr.2385531.0$354,914

Mirrah C

The Enclave/Mirrah T.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes18229 W. Sequoia2572331.0$362,363

Peoria A

The Enclave/Peoria T.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes18226 W. Sequoia Dr.2708431.0$357,311

Res 3 B Sm

Residence ThreeRosewood Homes - FINAL CLOSEOUT18142 W. Desert Willow Dr.340743.52.0$319,000

Yucca A

The Reserve/YuccaT.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes18114 W. Desert Sage Dr.312643.51.0$448,350

Coleta B

The Reserve/ColetaT.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes18120 W. Desert Sage Dr.349943.51.0$491,576

Catalina B

The Reserve/Catalina - NEW HOME DESIGNT.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes18152 W. Desert Sage Dr.353343.51.0$527,205

Palo A

The Enclave/PaloT.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes18254 W. Sequoia Dr.342143.52.0$418,947