An Expanded Definition of Sustainable Well being

An Expanded Definition of Sustainable Well being

Estrella and the surrounding City of Goodyear is a community committed to its role of sustainability and healthy living and what it means to today’s consumers.

Here in Estrella, we pride ourselves on supporting our builders in their journey to go green through a variety of eco-friendly construction methods, sustainable materials, and energy-efficient home design options such as solar panels and high-performance appliances.

Sustainability & Well-Being in Estrella

A survey was recently conducted asking shoppers, “Which features are most important to you as you shop for a new home?” These were the top results:

  • 97.5% said “Energy-Efficient Home to Save Money”
  • 95.3% said “Home With Lots of Natural Light”
  • 92.0% said “Home Built With Healthy Living in Mind”
  • 90.4% said “Community That Encourages Walkability”
  • 80.2% said “Home Built With Sustainable Materials for Environment”
  • 80.0% said “Home With Native Landscape to Conserve Water”

The Sustainability and Well-Being initiative was created with the knowledge that well-being is becoming the central motivator and primary consideration for consumers with the understanding that “how you live matters.”

Taking the brand’s core pillars (Live Grateful, Live Fully, Live Balanced, Live Well, Live Kind) and combining them with their territories (Land/Environment, Neighborhood/Community, House/Home, Personal/Well-Being, Belonging/Inclusivity), the developer was able to set the foundation for the initiative that is at the heart of Estrella:

Live GratefulLand/Environment

Land is a gift to each one of us.”

As respectful stewards of the land, Estrella cultivates a spirit of resource preservation, regard for natural environments, and advancing of sustainable practices for our communities and the planet.

Live FullyNeighborhood/Community

“Every community is a well-considered composition.”

By understanding the long-lasting effect of whole communities, Estrella bridges living and working with commerce and connectedness, creating an enduring, thriving culture.

Live BalancedHouse/Home

“The value and meaning of home is focused.”

Home gives people a clearer view to help them navigate their way forward through a complex, information-overloaded world and focus on what matters. Our builder partners design from both a personal and pragmatic nature of living – encouraging design efficiencies and smart technologies while building personal sanctuaries for those residing in the home.

Live WellPersonal/Well-Being

“Every individual can live their fullest.”

Estrella champions a holistic way of living that is meaningful and respectful by embracing each person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Live KindBelonging/Inclusivity

“Belonging is the heart of our world.”

Through shared human understanding, we celebrate our rich diversity of identity, background, and experience by advocating for inclusive and equitable relationships among our connected greater community.

Estrella works tirelessly to find ways to impact the community positively by protecting and restoring the land we develop, preserving or improving natural topography areas and integrating them within the community plan itself. We strive to provide wholesome living opportunities for our residents while remaining respectful of our beautiful surroundings.

Additionally, the City of Goodyear provides conservation education with many programs already in place to support residents in their efforts to be good stewards of our natural resources. Some additional ways to impact the community that Goodyear puts forth through education include:

  • The Goodyear Public Works Department provides schools with the tools and resources necessary for teaching hands-on science and math lessons related to measuring precipitation, irrigation, energy, and rates of change.
  • Sanitation staff brings conservation to the classroom with 30-minute waste reduction and recycling presentations tailored by teaching objectives and grade level.
  • Goodyear offers free adult water conservation classes all year long, along with water campus tours, workshops, and more.