How big is Estrella?

Estrella is one of the largest master planned communities in Arizona, and it continues to grow as more residents are attracted to this remarkable, award-winning community. Estrella is made up of approximately 20,000 total acres, with over 4,000 acres that are yet to be developed. More than 8,000 residences have been built, making it home to about 22,000 residents to date. Four villages in Estrella, each offering new home opportunities, bring a different personality to the entire community:

  • Lucero, opened April 2019, the most northern village and the first that welcomes you in at the main entrance, is 617 acres and is anticipated to have about 1,150 homes at completion.
  • Montecito sits in the heart of Estrella and makes up about 1,400 acres. It is anticipated Montecito will have about 4,000 homes at completion.
  • Mountain Ranch, the first village at Estrella, is home to Estrella’s North and South lakes, and is planned to have about 4,000 homes at completion.
  • CantaMia, an active adult community for ages 55+ is planned for over 1,700 homes at completion.
  • It is anticipated that more villages, neighborhoods, and builders will be added to Estrella over time, including further growth east of Estrella Parkway.

Tell me about the City of Goodyear

Estrella is in the city of Goodyear, which is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Goodyear is known for being a great place to live and raise a family. Known for stunning desert landscapes and diverse blend of business, cultural, educational and entertainment resources, Goodyear is consistently in the news for its low cost of doing business, economic expansion, and population growth. Today, it counts more than 100,000 individuals as residents, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. MLB’s Cleveland Guardians and Cincinnati Reds Spring Training and player development facility is found in Goodyear and Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Lockheed Martin and UPS all have a presence in this great, growing city.

As a resident of Estrella, what utility companies will I be using?

What amenities will I have access to?

Estrella has more amenities than any other master-planned community in Arizona!

  • Two lakes encompassing 72 acres include access to the Yacht Club for complimentary boat and kayak use, sailing lessons and more. A walking path surrounds the lakes as well as amphitheater, South Lake Park, tennis and pickleball courts, and a strolling path connecting to Starpointe Residents’ Club.
  • More than 50 neighborhood parks with playgrounds, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, BBQ ramadas and more.
  • 65+ miles of hiking and biking trails.
  • Residents’ Clubs with state-of-the-art fitness facilities, pools, restaurants, youth centers and gathering spaces.
  • Resident rates at the Golf Club of Estrella.

Upon finalizing the purchase of your Estrella home, you may visit the Community Services Office within the entrance to Starpointe Residents’ Club to obtain a resident card through the HOA. This card will give you access to these resident-only amenities.

How much are the HOA fees per month?

Estrella boasts some of the lowest HOA fees for a master-planned community. As of 2024, HOA fees start at $121 per month, with slightly higher fees in gated neighborhoods. Be sure to ask your home sales representative for details.

Who oversees the amenities and the overall beauty of Estrella?

Estrella’s Homeowners Association (HOA) is instrumental in maintaining the appeal and charm for which our community is known. Resident amenities including Starpointe and Presidio Residents’ Clubs, North and South Lake, the Yacht Club, more than 50 community parks and over 65 miles of paths and trails are maintained by CCMC. CCMC, an award-winning property management company with 50 years of serving Arizona communities, has demonstrated excellence, service and integrity in its work.

Do you have CC&Rs? How can I review them?

Yes, Estrella does have Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), designed to help protect the long-term quality of Estrella and its neighborhoods. Your new home sales representative should provide a copy for your review and at closing. The HOA team (CCMC) is also happy to share a copy of these documents at any time. Please call 623-386-1112.

May individuals who don’t live in Estrella access the amenities?

Amenities are exclusive to Estrella residents and their accompanied guests. However, the restaurants within the Residents’ Clubs and the Welcome Center are open to the public. More information can be found by contacting the Community Services Office. Please call 623-386-1112.

Can Estrella residents use CantaMia amenities?

CantaMia at Estrella, a vibrant community for those 55 and older, is a gated village with its own amenities supported by separate HOA dues reserved for the residents of CantaMia only. Behind the CantaMia gates are peaceful lakes, an art studio, a fenced dog park, bocce and tennis courts, circuit training equipment, succulent desert garden, and green belts. Its Village Center has an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, pickleball courts, spa, saunas, aerobic facilities, fitness equipment, a wellness center, locker rooms, library, social café and demonstration kitchen.

May CantaMia residents use other neighborhoods’ amenities?

CantaMia residents have access to the Yacht Club, lakes, parks, and trails throughout Estrella. CantaMia residents also have the option to purchase an annual pass to utilize Starpointe and Presidio Residents’ Clubs, including pools and fitness centers, for $400 per year.

How many miles of trails are available around the community?

Estrella’s paths and trails are some of the most beloved amenities within the community. With more than 65 miles of trails, some available within footsteps of your front door, Estrella’s mountain landscape offers everything from easy desert paths to challenging verticals with gorgeous views waiting at the top. In addition, Estrella has nearly 3 miles of paved pathways surrounding 72 acres of lakes, called North and South Lake, that are perfect for a leisurely stroll. More than 50 parks around the community provide smaller pathways with plenty of open space. For a complete list of available trails for hiking and mountain biking, view the Estrella Trails online here, or download a mobile map here.


With over 65 miles of trails weaving through the community and into the foothills of the Estrella Mountains, residents have nearly limitless opportunities to enjoy the clean air and outdoor surroundings of the high Sonoran desert. Trails are ranked from easy to challenging and each has its own level of access for walkers, strollers and bikers.

Star Tower serves for many as the beacon of their outdoor adventure. For thousands of years, man has looked to the heavens with mystery and awe! This tower to the sky is a living memorial to the many Native American cultures which have studied the sky, from this very location – the desert southwest.
The tower to the sky depicts the story of the Milky Way Galaxy and your place in it. The tower is set in a spiral configuration very similar to that of the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy and its many spiral arms. The form and function of this tower is also reminiscent of the natural spiral found in the Nautilus seashell.  In the world of mathematics, this is known as a Fibonacci number series.  Consequently, we see this spiral form the smallest of creatures, up to the largest galactic systems!
The Tower to the Sky depicts the evolution of our galaxy and helps you to understand your place within it.  At the top of the tower, there is an observation platform to reflect on your place in the universe and observe nature from this sacred ground of our ancestors, as we reach up and out to the skies!
Entering this pavilion, your walking tour provides you with the details on the rich history of these exciting cultures and prepares you for the next step in your exploration of the universe!

Are the parks within Estrella exclusive to residents?

Residents appreciate that nearly all parks are reserved for those living in Estrella, which creates quieter, more private experiences. However, some spaces are open to the public including Community Foothills Park near Estrella High School, which is a City of Goodyear park.

Is Public transportation available within Estrella?

Public transportation is not available to Estrella at this time. However, the Goodyear Park and Ride is a 12-acre site located eight miles from Estrella, on Cornerstone Boulevard just west of Dysart Road on the north side of Interstate 10. The Park and Ride has more than 400 covered parking stalls, restrooms, bike lockers, and native desert landscaping and is the departure point for Valley Metro Route 562 non-stop bus service between Goodyear and Phoenix: three outbound, three inbound, Monday through Friday.

I noticed some neighborhoods are gated. May anyone access these neighborhoods?

Some residents prefer the additional quiet that comes from living in a gated neighborhood. Prior to a gated neighborhood’s completion, (while under construction) the neighborhood is usually open for model home tours. However, once a gated neighborhood is complete, only residents have access.

What are the future plans for Estrella?

Future planning includes the continuation of the Lucero, Montecito, Mountain Ranch and CantaMia villages, as well as planning for new villages, including areas east of Estrella Parkway. Current plans include increasing the variety of new home offerings as we enhance the experience of living at Estrella.

For commercial developments, future plans will be market-driven; it is anticipated additional businesses will be opening in Estrella as the population grows.

I have heard about plans for the 303 & State Route 30. Can you share any details?

At this time, ADOT has not finalized an exact route, but updates can be found on the ADOT website.