Buying New Vs Resale Homes

Buying New Vs Resale Homes

Are New Homes Built to Last?

Absolutely! And when you find just the right space for you, it can have a lasting impact on the life you live inside it. There are many advantages to buying a new house, especially in this market while the inventory of resale homes is challenged.

Wondering what type of build is best for you? Here are some of the main benefits of buying new construction vs. resale homes.

Older Construction:

Good Bones. Older houses were constructed with materials not always used today. For example, older properties may be framed on dense, heavy timbers, which may provide a more solid foundation than today’s modern lumber. Although undesirable by some, lathe and plaster walls are often more durable and noise resistant than drywall. While there tends to be a reasonable concern that an old property could have outdated plumbing or electrical systems, the truth is the underlying structure is usually timeless and built to last.

Character & Charm. It’s hard to replicate the living experience that older homes provide. Not only do they come with quality craftsmanship, but existing homes might already have features that you would choose to add to a new home, such as thick molding and hardwood floors.

DIY or Remodel. It’s important to consider that while old homes may present character, charm, and good bones, they may not be up to the same standards as a new build and could require a bit of labor or hefty renovation. These projects will often include updates to plumbing, electrical, and wall framing or a complete remodel to common areas like the bathroom, kitchen, or front and back yards. These are quite extensive DIY tasks for those eager to get in and get to the part where you can just enjoy your new home!

Newer Construction:

Customization. In many cases, buying new also means building new, and the best part about being involved in the construction process is having the freedom to customize your space any way you’d like. In Estrella, residents have the opportunity to work with a builder to select structural options like added bedrooms, extended patios, and the addition of flexible spaces both indoors and outdoors. Then, you choose your design. You are in control of every last detail, from cabinet color to flooring and everything in between. This ensures your newly built home is truly your own.

Contemporary Living. Older homes were built for a different era. Electrical outlets and closet space can be sparse, and they weren’t designed using energy-efficient standards or materials available today. A new build will likely feature the latest and greatest in recent trends and cool new technology and will likely be more convenient and comfortable when it comes to today’s modern lifestyle. Additionally, most new builds are equipped with Green features, reducing utility costs or providing tax incentives.

Repairs & Renovations. With new construction often comes fewer surprises and lower maintenance. There’s less chance of discovering previous homeowner DIY electrical work or covered up water damage. When everything is brand new, homeowners won’t have to worry about updating the plumbing, replacing the roof, or making any other major repairs for a while. Everything is built to proper specifications, constructed with cutting-edge designs, contemporary construction techniques, and top-notch materials to ensure a low-maintenance lifestyle moving forward.

Additional New Home Advantages

  • Clean
  • Move-in ready
  • Trendy, fresh design
  • Can finance additions into the mortgage
  • Potentially easier to get financing with the homebuilder
  • Less competition & more choices of floor plans
  • New home warranty protections
  • New community, new amenities

Whether or not buying new construction vs. resale homes is better is entirely dependent upon what is most important to you, your family, and your lifestyle. Here in Estrella, you can find a range of beautiful new and lived-in homes. You’re sure to find the home of your dreams, one that suits the needs of every age and every stage of life.