High Sonoran Desert Hiking in Estrella

High Sonoran Desert Hiking in Estrella

Estrella Mountain Hiking Trails
As the Arizona weather begins to cool down, residents and visitors who love the active life are heading outdoors, and there’s no better place to begin than Estrella Mountain Park trails. Estrella Mountain hiking offers residents and guests more than 50 miles of paths and trails to explore the spectacular High Sonoran Desert landscape. From early morning sunrises to spectacular sunsets to stargazing nights, Estrella Mountain trails have some incredible vantage points along the way.

Estrella Mountain Trails
Estrella Mountain trails are as unique as their names. Each one-of-a-kind single-track route provides an exhilarating journey. In the mood for a challenging, high-energy run? Bike ride with your family? A relaxing walk through nature? With diverse terrains, elevations, and mileages, our trails will thrill every experience level!

Our easy Estrella Mountain trails offer a relatively smooth, highly walkable experience with little change in elevation. Casual bike riders will also enjoy the terrain as its family and pet-friendly.

  • 6’ Under 46 mi.
  • Foothills 30 mi.
  • Hillside 35 mi.
  • Park Ave 57 mi.
  • Scallywag 10 mi.
  • Stargate 50 mi.
  • Creekside 64 m

These Estrella Mountain trails provide a more energizing experience—thanks to elevation changes, and, in most cases, longer runs. Perfect for more solo hikes or group excursions. Pet-friendly.

  • Canyon Trail 82 mi.
  • Copper State Crosscut 85 mi.
  • Hookup 14 mi.
  • Queen Anne’s Revenge 43 mi.
  • Pirates Cove 00 mi.
  • Round Up 70 mi.
  • Rum Runner 49 mi.
  • Sidewinder 68 mi.

Get your adrenaline pumping on trails that offer exciting challenges and significant elevation changes. Best for more experienced hikers and bikers.

  • 1 Up 84 mi.
  • Coyote 56 mi.
  • Jumpline 27 mi.
  • Up There 68 mi.

For advanced-level enduro mountain bikers only, expert-level Estrella Mountain trails feature highly rugged terrain and extreme elevation changes for hard-earned thrills and unforgettable views.

  • Blackjack 20 mi.
  • Beam Me Up 74 mi.
  • Giddy Up 36 mi.
  • Saddle Up 20 mi.
  • Surfs Up 18 mi.

For details of the Estrella Mountain Park hiking trails, click here.

Remember, the use of all Estrella Mountain trails is at your own risk. You are responsible for your own safety, and the owners of these trails assume no liability for any personal injury or property damage. Pets must remain leashed at all times.