Home Trends

New Year, New Home Trends

After a long year,  it’s time to spend a little time planning all the exciting changes we’re going to make in 2021, starting right here at home.

From rustic to earthy to modern, there are tons of sustainable elements and materials you can incorporate into your home to ensure you enter into the New Year in style. Additionally, 2021 is introducing many new energy-efficient home designs and smart home trends to guarantee you’re keeping up with the times.

Check out our favorite, unique home trends for inspiration:

  1. Sliding WallsSliding walls will change the way you experience your home, whether they’re blending the indoors with the outdoors, expanding your living areas, or providing taller and wider window views. This is among the most energy-efficient home designs as it increases airflow and circulation, makes rooms appear more spacious and offers more natural light. There’s no better way to experience indoor/outdoor living in Arizona.
  2. Multigenerational LivingThese floor plans promote privacy, allowing families to live together and apart. Some homes have separate casitas that can serve as “in-laws” quarters, accommodating extended families’ needs. The village of CantaMia by Taylor Morrison is a 55+ community that allows for senior family members to enjoy an active and fun lifestyle while also staying close to children and grandchildren who also live in Estrella.
  3. Spacious RV Garages: A garage is a familiar place for everyone. However, not every homeowner uses the garage to park their car. It serves as a storage space, a place for hobbies, hanging out, and more. Consumers can transform their garages into fully functioning parts of their homes. Some of Estrella’s builders offer RV Garage options perfect for your outdoor hobbies.
  4. Smart Homes: Keep up with the newest technologies by incorporating them into your house and establishing a whole new smart home system. Enhance your living experience with remote control, smart home gadgets that suit your decor, high-quality security systems, virtual home gyms, and AI personal assistants.
  5. Maximalism: The exact opposite of minimalism, where more is more. This interior design type is more accepting of exuberant decor, furnishings, and accessories, giving you more creative freedom. Bring in eclectic design styles to create a space that matches your personality.
  6. Painted Floors: This is among the easiest and most affordable home trends to implement and serves as an excellent idea for quickly transforming outdated linoleum. Get playful or sophisticated with it. Add an element of elegance or a pop of color. It’s a great DIY solution for transforming your floor.
  7. Pergolas: If your patio is dull or you lack congregating space, a pergola will make a great addition to your backyard, not only for added shade, but guests will also love this hangout space.
  8. Architectural Doors:  Your door is the focal point of your home exterior, and if it’s not, then it should be. Neutral-colored doors in a wood tone or made of iron with unique architectural designs are taking over. The bigger and bolder, the better.

Enhancing your home doesn’t have to be a total home makeover. Refresh classics and revitalize some vintage pieces, adding color and culture to your style. Try out unique statement seating, bring in conversational pieces in the form of intriguing chairs. Incorporate both indoor and outdoor plants for your own at-home jungle.

Take your time and make it fun; unlock the creativity you never knew you had. 2021 is shaking things up and with the New Year comes new, sustainable home trends and design opportunities the whole family can enjoy.