Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior Design Trends 2022

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Buy a new home at Estrella, or update your current home with the hottest trends in home decor, including exterior home design trends and interior design trends for 2022. Whether you’re wanting to buy new furniture or just revamp your living space, our list of home decor trends will help you choose the new Estrella home that is right for you, or redecorate your own home for the new year. 

Interior Design Trends 2022

The pandemic has created an impact on the way people are decorating their homes including trends such as increased private spaces, less clutter, and more curves. It’s expected that these trends will evolve into the new year as well.

  • Creating Divided, More Private Spaces
    • If you have an open floor plan, you may have realized that having little separation between activities can be challenging. So, experts are saying that one of the hottest trends in home decor is adding in room dividers to create a sense of privacy between spaces. This can occur in your living room to create space between the couch and the kitchen or in an upstairs loft space that can serve as a bedroom, office, or entertainment space.
    • Several Estrella home builders have flexible loft spaces and open floor plans that make it easy to incorporate room dividers. Beazer’s Forsyth model, Landsea’s Vista model, The New Home Company’s Plan 5 model and Toll Brothers’ Kenly model all feature open spaces and are large enough to create diverse family spaces.
  • Less Clutter by Incorporating Upper Cabinets
    • Open shelving is a home decor trend of the past. It has been proven to make the items on the shelves appear cluttered and disorganized. Instead, upper cabinets will be one of the interior design trends in 2022. Upper cabinets with doors offer lots of storage space while providing a clean look. Homeowners can choose different pull knobs that suit their aesthetic preferences.
    • All Estrella new homebuilders can provide upper cabinets with doors to achieve a clean look in the kitchen. To view kitchens, take a virtual tour, for example, Terrata Homes’ Mead model tour.
  • Using Curves in Furniture 
    • Femininity is going to impact the interior design trends of 2022. Prepare to see rounded details in furniture, such as curved backs on sofas and scalloped shapes on rugs and ottomans. Curves send an extra feeling of comfort to your home. It’s important to create a comfortable space in your living room so you can feel at ease after a long day out of the house. 
    • It’s easy to envision the curved décor trends in so many of the Estrella homes. Now may be the time to buy a new home instead of redecorating an older home. You’ll have the ability to make design choices that set the stage for a fresh, modern look that includes rounded details.

Exterior Home Design Trends

The exterior home design trends of 2022 take their inspiration from nature. Minimalism, natural colors, and the incorporation of metal accents will all make your home align with the hottest trends in home decor. 

  • Natural Colors
    • Colors that mimic earthy tones include shades of gray, blue, green, and a yellow-brown range. The grays and browns can easily blend into existing color schemes, whereas blue and green provide a daring pop of color. You can incorporate these tones by repainting your house or adding in throw pillows and hanging decorations that match these hues in the front or back yards.
    • Visit the homefinder page of Estrella’s website to view the lovely natural exterior home colors used by all the builders.
  • Minimalism
    • The exterior home design trend of minimalism will be everywhere in 2022. The main characteristics include clear, smooth lines and a modest design that is contrary to the busyness that has characterized previous homes. Minimalist buildings include large windows, monochromatic and light shades, and clarity of overall composition.
    • Enjoy the minimal look of the Dolce by Taylor Morrison 55+ model or the stylish exterior look of Chapin by Toll Brothers.
  • Metal
    • A classic trend making its way in 2022 is the use of metal accents. Examples include a metal roof over the front porch, dark gutters, and lots of bronze and copper. This can get pricey, so cost-friendly alternatives include vinyl siding and faux stone.
    • View examples of this faux stone trend on The New Home Company homes with faux stone and The Vela by William Ryan Homes.

Rearranging your home to be trendy for the new year doesn’t have to be expensive. Focusing on a few of these main trends will help you redecorate while staying on budget. 

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