Local Business Spotlight: Lily Joy Salon & Danny’s Shave Parlor

Local Business Spotlight: Lily Joy Salon & Danny’s Shave Parlor

All About Lily Joy Hair Salon & Danny’s Shave Parlor in Goodyear

Craig Guincho, 38, is the silent owner of Aveda salon concept Lily Joy Salon and partner of Danny’s Shave Parlor — two new and thriving hair salons near Goodyear, Arizona. Both businesses opened in early 2020 but, due to the pandemic, they were quickly forced to temporarily shut their doors. Today, after some unforeseen COVID-related setbacks involving costs and construction, both brands are back on their feet and better than ever, and we’re thrilled to tell you all about them!

About Craig Guincho

Craig has owned salons across the state for 13 years. He currently owns five Aveda lifestyle salons across Buckeye, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, and Goodyear, each of which are branded individually. The name “Lily Joy” was inspired by two of his daughters, Lily and Joy, as well as another location close by, Blue Daisy Spa, which is named after another daughter. He also works behind the scenes as a partner of Danny’s Shave Parlor in Goodyear.

Although he serves as owner and partner in these businesses, Craig credits two people in particular for taking on the true leadership roles within them: Marisa Torres and Danny Candelaria.

All About Marisa & Lily Joy Salon

Lily Joy operates independently and is run by Salon Director and Master Stylist, Marisa Torres. She’s an Estrella resident, one of the top 10 stylists in North America, and oversees all things from day-to-day management to training and even styling clients herself.

Being hands-off, Craig has instilled his trust in Marisa to run the show, which in turn has led her to become the face of the salon. With her knowledge and expertise, she has managed to blend the concept of health and well-being seamlessly with skin and hair care at Lily Joy, offering complimentary moments of wellness, including hand massages, scalp treatments, and beverages when you arrive.

Although new to the scene, Lily Joy Salon and all other Aveda concepts generate nearly 120K each month and over a million each year. These salons stand out because the corporate culture is so strong — they are passionate about natural, sustainable products and about each and every person who walks through the door. With the help of her team of talented stylists, estheticians, and massage therapists, Marisa provides customers with nothing less than a quality and contemporary experience.

All About Danny & Danny’s Shave Parlor

Danny Candelaria is co-owner and lead barber at Danny’s Shave Parlor, and also happens to be in the process of moving to the master-planned community of Estrella!

Having connected through previously working together, Craig and Danny thought it’d be best to join forces to bring this new concept to the City of Goodyear. Since Craig remains behind the scenes here as well, Danny’s presence is the one customers have come to know and love.

All five master barbers at the Shave Parlor are elite. In fact, the average customer travels at least 20 minutes just to see them, so the business is an asset to Estrella residents and the surrounding community. However, outside of the undeniable talent, the vibe and culture are one of a kind.

Other salons have attempted to open a parlor but have not often prevailed. On the other hand, Danny’s Shave Parlor is not your average barbershop and certainly not a barbershop attempting to be a salon. It’s enveloped in a small-town feel and experience, one where everyone knows everyone but, more importantly, one where everyone cares.

Here you’ll find people chatting about their day, what they did over the weekend, or a recent sporting event, all while sitting in the chair. There’s even a chessboard where people like to hang out and challenge one another. It’s no question that customers come to Danny’s for the cut or shave, but they come back because of the connections they’ve made.

Although the two businesses operate independently while located so close to one another, they are not competitive and strive to lift each other and cheer each other on. For both concepts, quality is what makes them so different, but it’s the people, personality, and culture that truly make them stand out. They value teamwork and the talent and passion that each member brings to the table, and that respect shows through in all that they do.

Next time you’re looking a little shaggy, stop by Lily Joy Salon or Danny’s Shave Parlor and see it all for yourself!