Home Sweet Home Gym: Get Prepared to Conquer Your 2022 Goals

Making a Home Gym

At the first of every year, it’s common for people to create goals that are centered around improving health and wellness but some find it difficult to achieve these goals for a number of reasons including lack of time, being intimidated by gyms, or simply not knowing where to start. We’re here to help provide ideas and solutions to help tackle your New Year’s resolutions! 

Utilizing an Extra Room or Garage for an At Home Gym

One way to best utilize your home while keeping your goals in mind is to turn an extra room or garage into an at home gym, but it’s important to figure out what home gym layout works best for you! Below are home workout room ideas for flipping your unused space.

  • Slatwall Panels
    • Slatwall panels on the walls will help free up space in the garage. Rather than having your gym equipment placed on the floor, you can use the slatwall panels for vertical storage space to hang items such as baskets that store resistance bands and dumbbells.
  • Set Aside Enough Space
    • If you don’t have an extra room, that’s okay! It doesn’t take much room for a simple set up. Your home gym should have, at the very least, enough space to set up a yoga mat. However, you will need more space if you intend to place a workout bike or perform HIIT workouts and heavy weight lifting sessions. 
    • At Estrella, you’ll find several home plans that are approximately 3,000 square feet or more, providing plenty of room for a home gym designed to fit your needs. Take a look at Lyra by William Ryan Homes, which has a 3-car split garage or Plan 5 by The New Home Company, a home that features an upstairs loft and a three-car tandem garage with flex space that is able to accommodate workout equipment. There’s also Geneva by Beazer Homes with a spacious loft ready for workouts and Vista by Landsea Homes that provides a three-bay garage for exercise or the study/optional formal dining room which could be turned into a personal gym. 
    • Additionally, one of the most versatile amenities is a home with a casita, Spanish for “little house.” Whether a detached structure or a separate area within the home, it’s the perfect place for a home gym. Casita options are now being offered by William Ryan Homes in their brand new Harmony neighborhood in Montecito at Estrella.
    • One final option are homes designed to be multi-generational residences, with in-law suites that feature independent residences that could be used as home gyms.  
  • Cardio Equipment
    • If your home gym layout allows it, including a treadmill and stationary bike will be great ways to mimic the gym experience at home! While these options can be expensive, they are a worthwhile investment and you can calculate how much money you’d eventually save by investing in one and canceling your gym membership.
  • Stocking With the Basics 
    • Depending on the type of garage gym workouts you wish to complete, there are certain pieces of equipment that will be vital, without breaking the bank. A jump rope, adjustable dumbbells, foam rollers, and a yoga mat can help you complete the basics. 
  • Television 
    • Another home workout room idea is to add in a television. You can use this television to watch workout classes, to play music off of YouTube, or to watch movies in the background while you exercise. 
  • Puzzle Piece Floor Mats
    • Puzzle piece floor mats can help you protect your floor from your gym shoes. They also work to create a soft landing for your feet if you don’t want to wear gym shoes when exercising at home.
  • Sound System or Speaker
    • For your home workout room, you should consider having a sound system or speaker to play music. Since you’re at home, you most likely won’t need to wear headphones.

Ways to Stay Active in Estrella

In Estrella, we support a healthy lifestyle so if you don’t have the space to create a gym at home, residents can take advantage of a number of amenities located right here in the community!

  • Residents’ clubs/fitness centers
    • Estrella has three residents’ clubs that include fitness centers which offer everything from treadmills and weight machines to aerobics rooms, group classes, and heated pools.
  • Hiking 
    • There are more than 50 miles of trails for Estrella residents to explore. The panoramic beauty of the Goodyear area is highlighted by every trail you trek. Hiking options range from easy to advanced so there’s something for every level of fitness to enjoy. 
  • Water Activities
    • The Estrella Yacht Club offers choices to kayak, sail, and canoe. This presents plenty of opportunities for family fun and to also get a great workout in!

Whether you plan on creating a home gym or stay active around the community, Estrella is here to support your health and wellness goals! Regardless of what you choose, just remember to have fun!

Find your new home at Estrella and discover why 7,000 families already call this diverse, welcoming West Valley master-planned community home. Located in Goodyear, Arizona amongst pristine mountains and a dramatic desert landscape, Estrella amenities include multiple Residents’ Clubs, resort-style pools and a waterpark, 72 acres of lakes, 50-plus miles of paths and trails, the Yacht Club of Estrella, the award-winning Nicklaus Design course at the Golf Club of Estrella, community welcome center Casa Lucero, and more than 40 neighborhood parks.