Responsible Water Use - Estrella

Responsible Water Use at Estrella in Goodyear

Estrella recognizes the responsibility that comes with living in the Sonoran Desert and as the community continues to grow, Estrella’s developers have made smart water management a top priority. We are working closely with the City of Goodyear to evaluate existing and future systems and have taken numerous proactive sustainability measures to offset the ongoing drought in the western United States.

Water Conservation from Day One

One of the first safe water initiatives launched when Estrella was founded in 1988, was to build the Corgett Treatment Plant to responsibly supply Estrella’s lakes and irrigate the community’s landscaping with treated effluent water. The Rainbow Valley Treatment Plant was brought online in the 2000s, to provide even more reclaimed water to a larger area. Because of these forward-thinking sustainability initiatives, Estrella now generates enough reclaimed water to sell reused water to the City of Goodyear, Buckeye High School District, Liberty Elementary School District and commercial centers for landscaping use. This water is 99.9 percent clean but does not meet standards for drinking or swimming.

Drinking Water for Estrella and Goodyear

The City of Goodyear and Estrella have also taken measures to ensure sufficient drinking water for current and future residents. When Estrella was established, it purchased drinking water for each household, known as EDU’s (Equivalent Dwelling Unit). These are already paid for, and Estrella has enough EDUs for an additional 8,000 homes, well within long-term growth plans for the community.

Additionally, the City of Goodyear has a 100-year assured water supply, per the Arizona Department of Water Resources, which means that any new approved development in Goodyear is guaranteed water for 100 years, according to the city.

Finally, the City of Goodyear has the largest municipal desalinization facility for drinking water in the state and is considering expanding it further. Desalinization removes salt from groundwater to create drinking water for Goodyear residents.

Future Water Use

For Estrella residents concerned about sustainability in the future, there is even more good news. The Arizona Groundwater Management Act allows cities to store water underground for future use. Stored water produces a “water credit” issued by the state, preparing cities for drought conditions. Goodyear actively stores about 7,000 acre-feet of water underground for future use, every year, enough to supply an average household with water for 27,000 years, according to the city,

Additionally, with future needs in mind, Estrella recently contributed to, and installed, a $30 million line to the City of Goodyear’s new surface water facility. The city has the option to enlarge the facility to satisfy more demand. As Estrella contributed to the financing of this facility, the community retains the first right to purchase this water.

Because of smart water management and foresight from Day One, Estrella and the City of Goodyear will continue to have high-quality drinking and reclaimed water for landscaping available for current and future community members for many years to come.

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