Star Tower- Tower to the Sky

Star Tower- Tower to the Sky

Welcome to the Tower to the Sky (Star Tower) – Your place in the Cosmos. For thousands of years, man has looked to the heavens with mystery and awe! The tower to the sky is a living memorial to the many Native American cultures which have studied the sky, from this very location – the desert southwest.

The tower to the sky depicts the story of the Milky Way Galaxy and your place in it. The tower is set in a spiral configuration very similar to that of the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy and its many spiral arms. The form and function of this tower is also reminiscent of the natural spiral found in the Nautilus seashell.  In the world of mathematics, this is known as a Fibonacci number series.  Consequently, we see this spiral form the smallest of creatures, up to the largest galactic systems!

The Tower to the Sky depicts the evolution of our galaxy and helps you to understand your place within it.  At the top of the tower, there is an observation platform to reflect on your place in the universe and observe nature from this sacred ground of our ancestors, as we reach up and out to the skies!

Entering this pavilion, your walking tour provides you with the details on the rich history of these exciting cultures and prepares you for the next step in your exploration of the universe!

By Steve Kates, Dr. Sky