Visit Copper State Bike & Hike this Holiday Season!

Visit Copper State Bike & Hike this Holiday Season!

Everything You Need to Know for Your Next Biking Adventure
This time of year means a few things are on the horizon, if not happening already: cooler weather, family and friend gatherings, and holiday festivities. With that in mind, Arizonians tend to make their way outdoors to enjoy the crisp cool temperatures with those  they love. One activity that’s friendly to all ages is biking. Whether you’re taking a stroll around Estrella or biking off-road on various mountain trails, Copper State Bike & Hike at Casa Lucero in the Lucero village has all that you need.

Estrella is home to over 50 miles of paths and trails so it’s a safe assumption that we value outdoor activity. Whether you’re spending the weekend with your neighbors or entertaining out-of-towners, going on a scenic bike ride is always a crowd favorite.

What to Expect this Holiday Season
Between taking time off around the holidays and people visiting from out of town, bike rental activity tends to be much higher during this time of year. It’s highly recommended that you call ahead and make a reservation despite the length of the rental. Copper State Bike & Hike offers flexibility on how long you can rent, whether it’s a half-day, full-day, weekend, or month, but regardless, be sure to call ahead to check availability so you and your crew are set up before your adventure begins!

Rental & Purchasing Options
Copper State Bike & Hike is one of the top places to find bike rentals in Goodyear, AZ. With over 12 different models of bikes to choose from, including mountain, road, gravel, e-bike, comfort, and cruisers, there’s a bike for everyone. For those who are looking for the latest and greatest in mountain or road bikes, the 2022 models are coming into stock soon so be sure to keep a lookout!

With the holidays just around the corner, holiday shopping and gift-giving are top of mind, and Copper State Bike & Hike is here to help! If you find yourself, spouse, or kiddo falling in love with a rental, there are purchasing options for you! If you’re in the market to buy a bike, it’s important to call the store and get on a purchasing list. Once the store gets new rentals in, the staff will give you a call so you can come to pick up your purchased bike. Another perk is that when purchasing a rental, you get a warranty since it was never sold to anyone before you. But note, because of the convenience of Copper State Bike & Hike being in Estrella, a variety of bikes to choose from, and the warranty sticking with the rentals, bikes tend to go quickly so be sure to get on the proper bike list you’re looking for!

Seasonal Offerings & Events
Amid the pandemic, there has been a worldwide bike shortage so holiday offerings are more scarce this year in comparison to previous years. However, no need to worry because Copper State Bike & Hike, along with Trek Bicycle Store West Phoenix, has the largest bike inventory in Arizona.

As for events, be sure to mark your calendar for November 6 as it’s the annual MomsTRI Women’s Sprint Triathlon. If you’re competing, be sure to reserve your rental as you train and prepare for the big day!

Then, on November 17, Estrella residents can celebrate National Hiking Day by exploring the 50+ miles of trails, while watching the High Sonoran Desert landscape come to life in the Foothills, Sonoran Desert, and Sierra Estrella Mountains.

We’d love to see you out on the trails! Share your adventures with us at @estrellalifeaz!

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